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    Just Hanging

    There’s something to be said for taking time to just hang, enjoy hubby and the afternoon. We’ve been spending our week in Phoenix and decided to visit the nearby town of Gilbert, grab lunch and hopefully sneak in a little Christmas shopping.

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    Weekly Style Pick

    Annie Crane

    A girl growing up in a neighborhood of boys has little choice: Either join ’em or fight ’em. So I joined them and played their games – mostly sports.   I knew little, but they taught me much: how to field a grounder, throw a fast pitch, hit free throws, chip and putt, hit a backhand volley and the importance of a ‘ball hat’.

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    Stepping Up The Sweats

    Sweats have gotten so cute it’s hard to keep them just for home wear. And there is no reason not to pair them with a nice top and accessories. I was on a power shopping mission and comfort ruled. There’s no power shopping for me without some fuel – first stop Nick’s for some barbeque.

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    Karen Pegel

    My typical style is business casual. During the workweek I love to wear scarves, blazers and dress pants – I’m not much on skirts or dresses. However, in the evening or on weekends you’ll find me in jeans and a sweater or a pair of sweatpants with a tee or sweatshirt. It’s really weather dependent.

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