My stylist, Patrick Navarro, alternates his time between salons in Charleston and NYC. He’s also called to work as the fashion stylist for runway and print work.  Recently I interviewed Patrick for his expertise on general hair care.

Mama B: What is your recommendation for shampoo?

Patrick: Finding the right shampoo requires identifying your hair type: fine or thick, dry or oily and/or color treated.

For fine and oily hair I recommend a light cleansing shampoo – anything else will weight it down.

My favorites: Bumble and Bumble Seaweed and R&CO Dallas Thickening Shampoo

For fine color treated hair.

My favorite: Oribe Color Treated

For thick course hair and/or colored treated I recommend a moisturizing shampoo.

My favorite: Oribe Signature

For thick dry hair and/or colored treated I recommends a moisturizing shampoo.

My favorite: Oribe Gold Lust Repair & Restore

Mama B: Do you recommend sticking with the same shampoo month after month?

Patrick: No. Occasionally it’s good to change shampoo’s – just like anything, your hair may get use to it and not respond as well.

Mama B: What is your recommendation for conditioner?

Patrick: I generally recommend buying shampoo and conditioner as a pair. Every hair type should always use a conditioner, unless your hair is super short and/or extremely fine.

Mama B: Do you recommend a particular process for applying the conditioner?

Patrick: Yes. When conditioning your hair, start from the mid-shaft working down to the ends.  Avoid rubbing into the scalp. Most women and (men’s) scalp produces enough oil, so adding a conditioner to the scalp only increases the oil.

Mama B: How often should one shampoo?

Patrick: Ideally one should shampoo their hair no more than every other day.   For some, going longer between shampoos is good. Unfortunately, the more you shampoo the more oil your scalp will produce and the dryer your hair will become.

Mama B: How often should one brush their hair?

Patrick: I recommend brushing your hair every night with a Mason Pierson brush (top of the line) to distribute the hair’s natural oils from root to end – promoting shiny healthy hair.

Thank you Patrick for your helpful tips. Less expensive alternatives for shampoo and conditioner can be found at your local grocery store, Pharmacy, Sephora and on-line. Oftentimes, I’ll check to see if samples are available before I plunk down my money. I test run a product whenever possible – it’s a great money saver if you end up not liking it.  Your hairstylist should be able to test a product on your hair as well.

I did a little research for a less expensive alternative to the Mason Pierson brush and came up with Sonia Kashuk’s Bristle Brush.  Happy brushing!

XO Cheryl

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