I’ll admit I broke down; my curiosity got the best of me. During my interview with my hair stylist Patrick Navarro, I had asked him how often one should brush her hair. He recommended brushing every night to help distribute the hair’s natural oils from root to end and specified doing so with a Mason Pearson brush.

After the interview I went to my computer so I could look up the brush, since I had never heard of it. When I saw how expensive it was, I immediately decided against making a purchase. I realized some women may be diligent about brushing their hair every night, but I never have been – so why buy the brush?

So that got me wondering why I didn’t brush my hair more often. One, I have super fine hair and always have some kind of product in it. And when I do brush, it tugs at my hair and I’m worried I’m going to end up with a massive head of split ends – making my fine hair even finer- yikes. Two, I’m a bit lazy when it comes to my hair.

However, two weeks later I changed my mind. When my brush arrived, I realized I purchased the pocket size, and of course that’s why it was less money, and not the great deal I thought I was getting; yet I could not wait to try it. I should mention I did order the brush especially designed for fine hair.

I had great expectations for that little brush and it delivered in a big way. There is no tugging and no discomfort, it actually feels good to brush. It’s gentle enough to get the job done without causing damage or lost hair, which means healthier hair. I know this just by looking at how much hair is left in the brush – very little. I have started brushing my hair every night. It’s the best brushing experience I have ever had. This may well be worth it’s weight in gold.


XO Cheryl

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