MM Moment

How Not To Have A Marilyn Monroe Moment

Most of us have been there, our skirt, dress or flowy top unexpectedly catching that gust of wind. Leaving us with an embarrassing Marilyn Monroe moment.

I’ve had more of those moments than I would care to admit. If you’re wearing a tucked shirt, fitted dress or pencil skirt your safe. However, I know many of you probably have flowy feminine skirts, dresses and tops in your closet too. The featured picture was a photo faux pas when we were visiting Phoenix last year.

MM Moment

This skirt loves the wind and tends to grow wider and higher with each gust.  Click V-Back Sweater & Pleated Skirt to view this post.

MM Moments

This was during another shoot.  As you can see the wind was playing havoc with both my hair and my skirt.  I was even trying to hold down the dress for fear it would rise to its own uninvited occasion. Click Club Monaco Dress Goes Fancy to view this post.

MM Moment

Luckily it was a calm day as we were waiting for the eclipse, but this dress certainly knows how to frolic in the wind. Click Moonshadow to view this post.

MM Moment

Fortunately there is a new solution. The founder of Dress Weights asked if I would give her new product a try.  I told her it sounded interesting, but there would be no “shout out” if I weren’t wowed.  I have tried them and think they’re worthy of a spot in your drawer.  It’s not something you’d use every day, but they would be great to have when you need them.  Dress Weights come four to a pack, reusable and sell for $15.00.  Unfortunately, they cannot be used on silk or similar lightweight materials.  Lastly, the Dress Weights work best with items having a lining, otherwise I find them noticeable on my clothing.

MM Moment

We had just landed in Myrtle Beach.  I was hopping out of the plane when a strong wind caught the bottom of my top and threw it up over my head.  My sunglasses went flying off my face and I was more than slightly embarrassed.  Where were my Dress Weights when I needed them?

Wishing you a good day with no windy surprises.

XO Cheryl

In collaboration with Dress Weights.

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