If you suffer from oily skin, or an oily T-zone as I do, Palladio rice paper is a must have. It is an oil-absorbing, all natural rice paper, “aka” rice powder blotting paper. It takes only seconds to blot away excess oil leaving your face glowing (without the shine).

I have tried other blotting papers and have found no other brand compares with Palladio rice paper – it gets the job done and leaves a beautiful finish. Another plus, it’s less expensive than most competing brands.

As I’ve aged, my T-zone has become oilier, not less. I’m sure some of it has to do with Charleston’s climate. For me it’s been beneficial, it’s like getting as close as you can to the fountain of youth. (Haha) In the summer I may blot several times a day.

It comes in three colors: translucent, natural and warm beige. I keep a pack in my purse, as well as several in my makeup drawer.

Palladio also markets loose rice powder. I have used it and it’s very nice. However, my go to loose powder is Laura Mercier, although it is definitely more expensive.

For your viewing entertainment here is a 21 second video showing how to use the Palladio papers.


If you experience dry skin these may not be for you. But if you have the slightest bit of oil I highly recommend giving these a try. I definitely use them more frequently in the spring and summer months.

You can find these papers at Amazon and I generally buy the 3-pack for the price savings. However, they are sold by individual packs.

Happy blotting!

XO Cheryl

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