Rarely do I leave the house without some makeup. How much or how little depends on my destination. If I were headed to the beach or to workout (mornings) it would consist of sunscreen, a brush of loose or pressed power, brow pencil and lip-gloss. Yet, for most days my basic makeup routine is still fairly minimal.

We all want that flawless look: no breakouts, no dark spots, and, of course, no wrinkles. There are days I have all three, because my face still breaks out (ugh). However, applying heavy makeup is not the answer. In fact, the more wrinkles the lighter the foundation should be.

My basic makeup routine:

  1. Foundation: After cleaning and moisturizing my face I apply Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20. This has been my fav for years.
  2. Secret tip: To cover dark spots or breakouts I apply a small amount of Dermablend to the desired area (never around my eyes). Voila, dark spots and breakouts begone. Just remember, “less is more”.
  3. Brows: First I comb them up and out with Pretty Vulgar eyebrow brush. The next step is to fill them in with MAC brow definer using tiny strokes for a natural look. You never want your brows to look like Groucho Marx’s mustache. Last, I use the angled stiff-bristled brush to even out the color. Brows define the face and I recommend this for women of all ages.
  4. Eye Shadow: I am a big fan of purchasing shadow palettes rather than single colors. It makes life easier, especially for traveling.  My current favorite is Laura Mercier neutrals eyeshadow palette.  This is a newer version than mine, where purple has replaced the blue shadow.
    • First, I apply the lightest color in the palette over the entire eye area up to the brow.
    • Next I brush on a lighter shade of brown or blue to the entire lid area.
    • To enhance the look of my eyes I take a dark color and apply it to the crease of my eyelids.
    • Last, I will apply a thin dark line just above and under my lashes, but only about half way (never to the corner of my eyes).Since my eyes are not large, circling them like a raccoon only makes them appear smaller.
  5. Mascara: I am fickle.  I am constantly trying new ones, although I keep coming back to either Lancôme Hypnose Doll Lashes or Christian Dior Diorshow.  My lashes, like my hair, are fine and mascara easily clumps on them.
  6. Blush: To highlight my cheeks I use Laura Mercier powder blush.  I love this palette, because I can use one or all of the colors to achieve the look I want. When I’m sporting red lips, which is often, I’m soft handed with my blush.  It often looks like I’m not wearing any.
  7. Lips: Those of you that have watched my videos know I always use a lip liner and red is my favorite lipstick color.  For this look I’m wearing Laura Mercier Paint Wash in Red Brick. Although I love Bobbie Brown Sandwash Pink when I want to switch things up.
  8. Power: As a final step I lightly brush my face with Laura Mercier loose setting powder.  On the days I don’t apply my tinted moisturizer I use Laura Mercier foundation powder.  This can also be my “go to” in the summer months.  My face tends to be oilier and I find this keeps the shine away. Also, I never leave home without my rice papers.

Makeup or Not is another post you may be interested in reading.  Remember, the only rules you should have about makeup are the ones you set for yourself.

This may seem like a lot, but I’ve got this down to five minutes.  My biggest problem in getting ready is I tend to multi-task.  Catch up on calls with family, throw laundry in, and decide what I’m going to wear.  I’m amazed at how fast I can get ready when I focus on just that.  Ha-ha.

If you have any questions, please give me a shout.

XO Cheryl

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