Should You Wear Makeup or Not

Tips For The Basic Makeup or Not Look

Makeup choices are no different than any other style decision we make – and it’s personal. Through the years makeup seems to follow the ebb and flow of the latest fashion trends. We’ve seen more makeup, less makeup, no makeup, pale lips, red lips, yet sooner or later most trends seem to morph a part of themselves into the next “new” trend.

Tips For The Basic Makeup

The choice to wear makeup (how much or how little) or not should be based on your preference, lifestyle and skin type – not your age. And who knows this better than you. If you read my Age Appropriate Dressing, you’ll know this is a hot button of mine. To make a blanket statement about what’s appropriate after some specific age is just crazy – as in after 50 a woman should not wear any makeup at all. Hello, have you actually met me? You should know if I want to wear makeup until I’m 100, I will.

In my younger years, I was lucky enough to work as a part-time make-up artist with Estee Lauder. I was doing some freelance work and was asked to join the company.   We were taught a wide range of makeup tips, including working with oily skin, dry skin and somewhere in between skin, smooth or wrinkled skin, acne or clear skin and the various colors of skin. We learned that certain activities call for different applications; day, night, work and play.   Albeit, my training was years ago, these are basics that will stand the test of time.

Tips For The Basic Makeup

The most important lesson is makeup should be used to enhance a woman’s natural beauty – not cover it up. Yes, there are a few basic tips for every woman that prefers wearing makeup – at least on the days she does.

One, it is always better to understate your makeup then wear too much, particularly for daytime wear. Even a minimal amount of makeup can give a woman a polished look.

Two, the more wrinkles that inhabit a face, the lighter the foundation should be, especially around the eye area. A heavy thick foundation will only accentuate the wrinkles, not hide them. Since we all age differently, this is when you need to become “your own” best judge. Even the lightest of foundations can still help even out skin tones. The foundation I’ve used for years is Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20.   Recently, I added Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation Spf 15 for a tad more coverage. It may be the most beautiful foundation I’ve ever used.  It feels like silk on my skin, has the perfect coverage and still looks good at the end of the day.  It may be my new favorite.  On my no makeup days, I use a sunscreen, which I buy from my Dermatologist and dust my face with Laura Mercier translucent loose powder, for a matte finished look.

Three, if you’re going to wear a foundation, match it with your natural skin tone. I still see women with the two-toned look – their face is one color while their neck is another – this is not the look you want. If your skin changes colors over the seasons, your best bet is to keep two shades of foundation handy.

Four, if you have sparse or irregular shaped eyebrows do fill them in. Brows define the face and give it a more youthful appearance. I’m not sure who wouldn’t like this, unless of course you’re 12. I suggest filling them in with either a pencil or brow powder. I use Pretty Vulgar High Standards Eyebrow Brush and MAC ‘Eye Brows’ Brow Definer every day. For my eyebrow routine, click on Basic Makeup Routine.  As I’ve aged my brows have slightly thinned, so sign me up.

Short of these few basic tips there are no rules. I love makeup as much as I love my no makeup days. I love having the freedom to choose, regardless of my age. There is no right answer, only the one that’s right for you. Whatever your decision, on any given day, to wear makeup or not, wear it with confidence and feel beautiful. If it’s not accomplishing that goal, then it might be time to rethink your choices.


My Makeup For The Featured Image:

My good friends know there are times I can’t even think without my red lipstick on!

XO Cheryl

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