How To Rid The Butt Ugly Look From Workout Pants

How To Rid The Butt Ugly Look From Workout Pants

Heading to workout, you have a choice of three posterior presentations…

If you’re a commando (no underwear enthusiast) read no further. You’ve got this covered, or uncovered so to speak. For the rest of us we have three choices:

One, wear full briefs with loosely fitting sweatpants.

Two, wear thongs or cheekies with your workout/yoga pants.

Three, wear full briefs with yoga pants (these pants are generally made from spandex, nylon, cotton, lycra and/or polyester and are the optimal pant for most fitness activities). Shown above, truly not my best look.

You know that song, “All About That Bass” (love it). Well, that is just not me. A “small fiddle” is a better description of my backside, than a bass. My point, wearing full briefs with yoga pants is not a good look with any size derriere. I call it the cheeky-cheeky look, because all briefs rise up over your buttocks. This makes your behind look like it has a saggy twin. I’ve seen young, in-shape women flashing this look.

My recommendation is if you want to show your best side, ditch the brief. Bottoms up.

How To Rid The Butt Ugly Look

What is your favorite way to wear yoga pants?

Wishing you a smooth day ladies!

XO Cheryl

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  • Reply Mama B

    I’m a thong girl. However, I have gone commando a time or two. I have a friend that mostly goes commando – in all her pants.

    May 13, 2018 at 8:49 am
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