Clothes Not Just For Covering Up

Clothes: Not Just For Covering Up

I absolutely adore clothes. For some, or so they say, clothes are a matter of covering up and keeping warm. For me, it’s a matter of expressing “me” and I’ve loved them for as long as I can remember.

Clothes Not Just For Covering Up

When I was around four years old my staple wardrobe consisted of dresses – all kinds of girly girl dresses. I really can’t say if they picked me or I picked them. Yet I was a tomboy at heart. I loved to explore, eat a caterpillar (my first real experience with exotic cuisine) and play with worms. And I loved doing it all in dresses.

Clothes Not Just For Covering Up

One night as my mom was attempting to get me ready for bed I refused to take my dress off – some called me strong willed? My parents tried reasoning with me, spanked me, threatened me, they did whatever they could think of to try and convince me to take it off – I still refused. Finally exasperated and out of options they stuck me in a cool shower, which quickly cooled things down. Wet, with my little spirit broken, I finally conceded to taking off my dress.

Clothes Not Just For Covering Up

Since my four-year-old self, my wardrobe has expanded to include more than just dresses – although I still love them. Denim pants are probably my most staple “go to items” in my closet. I have them in various styles; boyfriend, distressed, raw hemmed, cropped, high-rise skinny, flared and in a variety of colors. They pair great with all types of tops, sweaters, shoes, jackets, and accessories. Often in the hot months I exchange my jeans for skirts and shoes and boots for sandals. And of course there is always the “dress”.

Clothes Not Just For Covering Up

I have asked myself if my love of clothes or anyone else’s is shallow, but my answer is an affirmative NO. I really believe clothes are a way of telling the world who we are and how we feel about ourselves. Even my most comfortable “bum around clothes” I have to like.

I have a friend who claims she could care less about clothes or fashion. However, I’ve been shopping with her and she is meticulous about finding clothes that send the message, I don’t care – obviously she does.   Although our styles are vastly different she has in fact chosen a personal style – regardless if she admits it or not.

Clothes Not Just For Covering Up

There is wardrobe protocol for almost everything we do. If one would show up in a formal gown to workout or go to work in your bathing suit (barring you work from home) – I’m sure there would be some folks that would seriously question your judgment.

However, I still appreciate the freedom I do have in making my own style choices. As my daughter once said, “It’s just as easy to put something on that’s flattering and makes you feel fabulous as not. I couldn’t agree more. And just for the record, if I want to sleep in my pretty little dress – I damn well will!

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Wishing you a fabulous day and go in style!
XO Cheryl

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