Alaska Outfits

Alaska Outfits & Favorite Restaurants

This is my third visit to Alaska and I always look forward to the trip. This year I was able to explore Kenai and the village of Aniak. Daytime temps averaged in the mid-fifties with one day of light rain. The packing was successful for both the weather and our activities.

Alaska Outfits

Getting to Anchorage is an all day affair from our home base.  Rarely do we get a direct flight to “anywhere” from Charleston.  We left mid-morning and arrived in Anchorage at 6:30 pm, which is 10:30 pm Charleston time.  When I travel, especially for long trips, comfy is key. However, I believe comfy style is a thing – don’t leave home without it.

Rainy Day In Kenai Alaska

The next morning we were off to Kenai for the day.  Unfortunately, there was more time spent inside than out, but we did get to tool around and see the Kenai River. I was so glad I brought this Mango trench coat with me. For the entire post click on the following link, What To Wear On A Rainy Day In Kenai Alaska.

Why A Trench Coat

Thursday we stayed in Anchorage and enjoyed the city.  Earlier I had layered my jean jacket underneath my trench, but as the day warmed it fit nicely into my backpack.  We spent a good part of our time walking along a path near the bay.  Click here to see full post on this outfit, Why A Trench Coat Is Perfect For Alaska.

Alaska Outfits

Alaska Outfits

If you missed my Instagram we were headed to a cocktail party and then dinner for two at Sullivan’s Steakhouse.  For the day I wore this outfit with my jean jacket.  For our evening itinerary I swapped the jean jacket for this Zara checkered blazer.  The great thing about blazers is they elevate any outfit.

Alaska Outfits

We were on an early morning flight to Aniak. I was still trying to wake up and had not yet appeased my thirst for strong coffee.  Since my husband has been there before he was a big help in knowing what to wear – especially the boots.  These Timberland are at least 20 years old and will probably last the rest of my life.  I did get teased about being “in the pink”, but I truly was feeling it.

Trip to Aniak

The flight to Aniak was a little over an hour.  The snow-capped mountains were breath-taking.  My nose stayed glued to the window for most of the trip. There are only two ways to arrive; by plane or boat and the boat ride is long.

Aniak City Hall

When we arrived a friend offered to show me the village.  First stop was City Hall.  We also visited their Saturday market; bought a coffee (no surprise), had the pleasure of speaking with a few residents, bought an awesome lip gloss, played with some baby goats and exchanged girl talk with some chickens (they were the biggest and probably the healthiest I’ve ever seen).

Aniak dance

It was a real treat being invited to see the children perform. They are so proud of their Alaskan Native heritage.

Aniak four wheelers

This is their favorite form of transportation. The winters are cold and dark, so come warm weather they’ll do anything to be outside enjoying their beautiful environment. Of course, warm weather is a relative term, but I jumped on board anyway. I was not going to pass up a chance for a ride.

Alaska Outfits

Alaska Outfits

This was our last day in Anchorage. It was noon by the time we ate breakfast and packed. There was not enough time to take a side trip, so we enjoyed walking around downtown and peaking into the local shops. We did stop for a delicious lunch at Simon & Seafort’s – a repeat visit.

Tuna Poke

If you’re a fan of Tuna then you will love this Tuna Poke entree.

Alaska Outfits

We were on the 7:45 pm flight to Atlanta with a connection arriving in Charleston at 9:30 am. I am not a fan of red-eye flights, as I don’t sleep well. But it was our best option for getting home. This outfit was as close as I could get to pajamas, without actually being pajamas. I layered a tee underneath the sweater anticipating Charleston’s hot weather.

Favorite Restaurants:

Simon & Seaforts – Every time we’ve dined with them the food has been amazing. They’re known for having the best seafood, romantic setting and view. We were luckily enough to grab both a dinner and lunch on this trip.

Orso – We’ve eaten here several times and give the place a thumbs-up. It has a casual relaxed atmosphere with great food options. It’s common to see both tourists and locals stopping in for happy hour and apps. It was close to our hotel so we ate here twice.

Oldies – We lunched here on Wednesday in Kenai. This may be the best deli lunch I ever had. Walking in, you get hit with the smell of freshly baked bread, which is hard not to love. I decided on the Chicken almond salad. I’ll warn you I got the large and it was big enough to feed two. If you’re ever out this way, this is a must stop!

Glacier Brewhouse – We arrive back to Anchorage so late from Kenai very little was still open. We were starving and this place was the only one serving. We arrived after 10:00 pm so the app menu was all that was available. It was still very crowded so they must be doing something right. The design of the place is awesome and I would say their menu might be similar to a Friday’s.

Sullivan’s Steakhouse – If you’re in the mood for a steak this is the place to come. The dining room is upscale, but like anywhere these days, the attire was all over the map. We both ordered steak with a few sides and brought a large appetite. My steak arrived and was cooked to perfection. Unfortunately, the steak tasted badly accompanied by a funny odor. Things happen even in the best of circumstances, but they handled the situation with attentive grace. My husband’s steak was delicious and if you’re a steak lover I would steer (ha-ha) you to Sullivan’s.

If you’re planning on a trip to Anchorage I suggest lots of tees, cotton or lightweight sweaters, various jeans, a jogging pant, jean jacket and trench coat. Footwear should be comfortable. Even if you’re stepping out for the evening, chances are you’ll walk to dinner. When I travel I always bring a backpack and umbrella.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment.


Happy Wednesday!

XO Cheryl

PS. In all my travels this is the first trip I’ve returned home with only a lip gloss.

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