Fav Products For Fine Hair

Favorite Products For Fine Hair

Over the years I’ve tried numerous products in hopes of finding “the one” that would add volume to my baby fine hair.   Every stylist that ever cut my hair has told me I have lots of it. Yet, when I’ve worn it long and pulled back into a ponytail, it’s about as thick as my thumb. Thankfully I’ve found some products that work with my hair, whether short or long. These are my favorites and I’d be lost without them.

Although I wore my hair long for a decade, it’s not my best look. Unfortunately, it loses volume as it gets longer – that’s just the nature of baby fine hair. My first recommendation is to hire the best stylist you can afford. Fine hair is not as forgiving as thicker stranded hair, so it really shows if you have a bad cut.   I know from personal experience. Once I had a cut that drove me to wear a hat until I could find a new stylist. Yikes!

The video describes my morning hair ritual start to finish with information on “the one” best product for fine hair.


I’ve finally learned to embrace my fine hair and rather like it.   Every hair type has its advantages.  The key is to find yours and love it!

Wishing you a happy hair day!

XO Cheryl

PS.  Dogs barking “no additional charge”.  Ha-ha

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  • Reply Cyndi

    I too am “blessed” with fine hair so I definitely appreciate this post! Will give these products a try 🙂

    June 14, 2018 at 2:15 pm
    • Reply Mama B

      Yes “blessed”. Ha-ha. My stylist is the one that recommended the Bumble and Bumble Seaweed shampoo & conditioner – love them. However, if I could only use one product it would be the Dry Volume Blast!!! Once you’ve tried it let me know what you think. I appreciate your comment.

      June 14, 2018 at 3:22 pm

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