Putting Luxury in Your Shuteye

Putting Luxury in Your Shuteye

There is nothing better than a good night’s sleep.  Having lost sleep over the years while raising four children from cradle to college (the teenage years are the worst) and more recently, hormonal changes, I relish sleep. You can imagine my excitement to slide between these Colette Jaffe sheets with this Multi Righe Sleep Mask. I say yes to putting luxury in your shuteye, because you’re worth it.

Putting Luxury in Your Shuteye

Good morning.

Putting Luxury in Your Shuteye

I stretch every morning before I jump out of bed. Full disclosure, not all mornings are accompanied by a smile.

I’m not a linen expert; I’ll leave that up to Colette Jaffe. How they feel (I love a soft & silky feel), if they’re beautiful and if they fit the bed properly are my criteria.  I’m not a fan of undersized sheets where the manufacturer cut corners. We generally jostle for the covers a bit, so by morning the sheets are completely pulled out. Plus, I am a cover and bed hog kind of girl. These sheets are the most generous I’ve had the pleasure to sleep on and were still tucked in by morning.  That was a small miracle.

Putting Luxury in Your Shuteye

A good night sleep can be at your finger tips with this Multi Righe Sleep Mask.  We recently traveled to Alaska and this little beauty would have been a welcome accessory.  I find it difficult to sleep on planes, mostly from the light.  Also, the sun is out for 20 hours a day during the summer in Alaska.  Even with dark curtains, the light always manages to sneak into your room. This mask would solve both those problems, ensuring I get my much-needed beauty sleep.  We’re returning to Alaska at the end of July and one of these will be in my backpack.

Putting Luxury in Your Shuteye

The mask is so lightweight I didn’t even notice it was on. It feels silky when I slide it over my eyes.  I may need two, one by my bedside and the other in my travel bag. That way I’ll never leave home without it.

My Favorite is the Colette Jaffe’s Onde Bed Linen Collection in blue.  Simply beautiful.

Sale Alert: 40-70% savings sitewide.  Receive an additional 10% off when using the code CJ10 at checkout.

Sweet dreams and remember you’re worth it!

XO Cheryl

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