I love wearing beautiful undergarments everyday.   Fortunately, bras have come a long way from my mother’s plain white bra, which she still sports – love you mom. If you peek inside my lingerie drawer you’d see a rainbow of colors and styles. I never get dressed without planning the bra and panties to wear with my outfit. There are days you want your bra under cover (so to speak). And there are days it can be your best accessory. Besides, pretty bras are just “too pretty” to hide.

Pretty Bras Are Accessories

Bra colors and styles often trend with the latest fashion designs. Just like clothing I have my staple bras, which include a slightly padded nude & black (full coverage) and a white lace bra. When I want to accessorize my outfit I look for color, pattern and strap design, as they can be lovely to showcase.  I could have opted for a strapless bra, but instead I love the rich blue and detailed straps, which adds to the outfit.  For some additional color I coordinated my earrings with the straps of the bra.  This is one of my favorite ways to show off a bra.

Casual Affair

The knotted detail on the back of this shirt is another great opportunity to accessorize with a colored bra. My outfit was navy; gray and white so I decided on a navy bra with tiny white polka dots. Really any color would have worked. A bare back would look lovely too, but a colorful bra peeking through seems more fun.

Wearing All Black

I love the sheer panels on this tee.  Since I was sporting an all black look (top to bottom), a black double-strapped bra was it.  The black does not take away from the elegance of the shirt.   To create a fun look any color bra would do the trick – the brighter the better.

Pretty Bras Are Accessories

This look was a stretch for me, because the open knit sweater sports the peek-a-boo look. Then I started thinking, “What’s the difference between a bra and a bathing suit?” What I admire about the younger generations is they don’t seem to have rules, or at least as many, on appropriate dressing. I came from a generation with a conservative mindset and I’m seriously trying to shake those cobwebs out. The thing is we should be supporting women even if their choice is different from our own – young or old.

Pretty Bras Are Accessories

Tops with large armholes are trending and just cry out to be paired with a pretty bra. I love the beautiful pattern and color of this bra. I thought it added a wonderful layer to the outfit. With this basic top and jeans, any fun colored bra would look fabulous. However, I would avoid a solid white, black or nude bra. I fear it would just look like an undergarment, not an accessory.

Pretty Bras Are Accessories

Marie Jo Avero Padded Demi Bra & Bikini Panty

Although we love pretty bras, there’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable, ill-fitting one.  For years I wore the wrong size bra.  When I’d move, it would move too, and not in a good way.  I went to Bits of Lace, got properly measured and it has made all the difference.  Yes, there are still times when I get home from a long day and want to peel my bra off to let the girls out.  But having a great fitting bra makes that a choice versus a necessity.  If you live in the area or visit Charleston, I suggest you to swing by the store and ask for Alison.  On-line or phone orders are also welcome.  Don’t forget to mention Mamabsays to recieve 10% off your entire purchase.

Have a great day and let us know your favorite way to accessorized your pretty bra.  Remember great style begins with your undergarments.

XO Cheryl

In collaboration with Bits of Lace.  They’re my favorite lingerie shop hands down and I still wear the first bra I ever purchased, over 10 years ago.

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