Styling A Uniwig

Styling A Uniwigs Hair Topper

This is my second topper from Uniwigs and this time I decided to style it myself.   This beautiful topper is the 6″ x 7″ Bella Virgin Remy Human Hair. The biggest challenge was learning to work with so much hair. This topper is fuller than my first one and it was surprising the difference that made.

Styling A Uniwig

Like the first one, this topper was longer than my hair, so I wanted it cut to blend nicely with my natural hairstyle. Since I am not a hairstylist and wanted a great cut, I had my stylist trim it. To me, it was worth the money to have it cut by a professional. Hair is a huge part of pulling your style together – it can make or break your look.  Click on the following link Get The Best Results From A Uniwigs Topper to view how the earlier Uniwig was cut and styled.

Styling A Uniwig

As you can see this topper is a tad shorter than my hair with lots of layers.

Styling A Uniwig

There are numerous reasons why a woman would benefit from a Uniwigs hair topper:

  1. If you have very fine hair like me, a topper will instantly give you more volume. Although I have a lot of hair, it is baby soft and often has a mind of its own. In humid weather it can be difficult to hold a curl.
  2. Women whom suffer from alopecia (hair loss or pattern baldness).   This is a fabulous solution for covering up the balding areas while adding beautiful volume.
  3. Women have been coloring their hair for eons; especially to cover gray roots. I certainly support women who sport their gray hair, for many it’s stunning. However, I am not one of them, at least not yet. I need a lot more gray before I go that route.   Unfortunately, the gray I do have is located at the crown and sides of my head. A topper is a great interim solution for covering those unwanted gray roots until my next appointment.
  4. For those with long hair a topper can add beautiful volume. It’s an easy way to create a different hairstyle. For example, if you like pulling it back into a ponytail the topper will make it look thick and lustrous.  What’s not to love about that?
  5. Toppers are not just for fine hair. I know women with thick hair that enjoy adding hairpieces and toppers to their hair for a special night out, or just for the fun of it.

Styling A Uniwig

My adorable fur girls in the background.  They are keeping an eye on Dad wondering why they haven’t been invited to participate. 🙂

Styling A Uniwig

Thank you again Uniwigs for this opportunity to share some wonderful hair options.  If you’re shopping don’t forget to use the Coupon Code, mamaB to save 15% off.

In collaboration with Uniwigs!
Topper information
6″ x 7″ Bella Virgin Remy Human Hair Silk Topper
SKU: PS1801
Color: G4 (Medium Brown)
Length: 12inch


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