Some day’s bath time is necessary to restore a positive mental state. We all have days like that, but often we don’t take the time for self-care.   Over the years my husband has learned if I’m acting stressed, grumpy or irritable to ask, “Do you need to eat, or take a bath?”

Bath time is often a spontaneous event for me. Yet, there are occasions I plug one into my calendar.   This is when I want all the luxurious goodies to make this “me time” special. I have a dedicated basket to hold bubble bath, bath bombs, skin brush, bath sponge, body creams & lotions, terry cloth robe, slippers, towels, candles and Dr. Teal’s Epson’s salt. This year’s Christmas list includes a bath tray and bath pillow (hint, hint).

All of these items make great Christmas gifts. Our adult children still enjoy their stuffed stockings. It’s the goodies that have changed. We always include Lush bath bombs. They’re hard to keep secret, because you can smell them the minute you enter the room. I can count on several new bath bombs showing up in my stocking too, because for every one I buy them, I get one too. 🙂

Below are some bath time gifting ideas. The nice thing about most of these little gifts is one size fits all, no returns required.

Please remember to take care of yourself, because you’re worth it!

XO Cheryl

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