Goodbye 2018

Goodbye 2018

It’s here in a blink of an eye. We are about to embark on a new year, once again.  We always countdown til the clock strikes 12.  Often we are home popping open a bottle of champagne, sharing a kiss while simultaneously saying goodbye to the old and hello to New Year.

Since I can remember, ringing in the New Year is a time for hope, new goals and the wish for another good year or perhaps even a better one. But I never say goodbye without a bit of sadness in my heart. It’s a moment for remembering all the things that were, that will be no more, nor ever again. Our babies grow, traditions change, the world evolves and sometimes life moves in directions we never expected. But then I remind myself, “With every door that closes, a window opens”. 

I live my life by those words, because I believe they’re true. Yet, those windows do not magically open without a lot of hard work helping them along. But it’s so gratifying when you realize one has opened wide, allowing opportunity to flow through. Now you wonder, which road to take?

We hear this all the time – a new year, a new start, change.   There is truth to that, however it’s only 24 hours since the previous year and I need more time. I said this last year and I’ll say it again, I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. I like to think if it were important, I’d already be working on it.   I’m mentioning this because I’ve been putting a huge amount of pressure on myself to come up with my 2019 plans for Mama B Says. Change takes careful thought because it should lead you to a better place. So do not beat up on yourself if on day one of the New Year you’re not ready to charge out the gate.

I’m not a philosopher, just a woman writing from her heart and hoping it’s food for thought. May your 2019 be filled with love, good health, passion, determination and opportunity (however you chose to define that)! Remember, you are the author of your life story.

Thank you for following along with me on this journey. I appreciate YOU!

Happy New Year friends!

XO Cheryl

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