Favorite Eyeliner

My New Favorite Eyeliner

I can struggle with eyeliner. Having tried numerous brands over the years, I find it’s often either hard to apply or it dries out.  For a smoky eye I will use either a dark pencil or eye shadow.  If I want a cat eye or something a bit more dramatic I have found my new favorite, Stila waterproof eyeliner – nothing beats good eyeliner.

Favorite Eyeliner

What I love about eyeliner is its versatility.  You can make it thin running it along your lash line, or a tad thicker and extending beyond your lashes as pictured above.

Favorite Eyeliner

My favorite way to style this Stila eyeliner is a modest cat eye. I begin at the inner corner of my eye above my lashes, applying a thin line that gets thicker as it extends outward. I generally don’t get it perfect the first try, so I repeat the process until both eyes are as symmetrical as possible. Sometimes it requires a restart, but I’m getting better.

A trick I learned years ago is to apply my eye makeup before anything else. I tend to be sloppy and can get eye shadow where it’s not intended. Once satisfied, I clean the surrounding area and then apply my foundation.

Don’t limit your eyeliner use to my suggestions; there are so many more wonderful and creative ways to use it.


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Let us know if you try Stila eyeliner, we’d love to hear if you love it as much as we do.

XO Cheryl

PS. Thanks Allie – for turning me on to Stila eyeliner.

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