Pencil skirts are one of my favorite classics. Although pencil skirts are often worn with a suit coat for work, they are also wonderful styled alone.  To dress up this older Zara pencil skirt I paired it with this Ted Baker ruffled knit top, Kate Spade pink belt bag, Yuul Yie slingbacks, dangle pearl earrings (super old) and pearl like bobby pins.  Not only did these accessories give this pencil skirt a feminine touch, but an updated one as well.

Dressing Up A Pencil Skirt

I have been looking for the perfect nude shoe that could pair with most anything in my closet.  I fell in love with these Yuul Yie slingbacks.  Once in a while I like to invest in a really nice pair of shoes.  There are shoes in my closet over twenty years old that I still wear.

Dressing Up A Pencil Skirt

Hair accessories are trending big this spring and the price point is all over the map.  I picked these pearl-like bobby pins up at the drug store to take them for a test drive before investing in pricier ones.  I really liked how these looked in my hair and think it might be fun to have a few more to play with.

Dressing Up A Pencil Skirt

For years I didn’t express my feminine side. I’ve realized that feeling feminine or looking feminine does not diminish the strength within.  I love being both.

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XO Cheryl

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