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Generations: Mango & Company

For this post Allie and I decided on a brown and cream theme, including pants, tops and jackets. We wanted a look that was casual, but could easily step into the work place. Since Mango is a favorite we started there.

Mango & Company

We both loved this cute Mango buttoned corduroy jacket. It’s a great lightweight coat for spring and cooler summer days.  Plus the corduroy gives you a nice option from the usual denim jacket.

Mango & Company

Our goal was to coordinate textures and patterns that could be interchanged to create a variety of different looks.  I loved the striped Mango striped trouser that Allie picked out and bought myself a pair as well.  I was crazy for this Mango polka-dot print blouse and plan on pairing it with my new striped trousers.

Mango & Company

To complete our outfits we added shoes, jewelry and bags, which we did not discuss before the shoot.  I think it’s very important that Allie select items that are representative of her personal style.  Although our goal is to shop the same brand we do gravitate toward different items. That’s what makes this so much fun!  I love Allie’s style.  Allie’s bag is from TJMaxx (cute option here) and mine is from Loewe.

Mango & Company

Allie’s tee is also from Mango and I adore the design.  This would be an inexpensive addition for your summer closet.  Mango & Company

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