Definitely Wear It Out is a monthly feature focusing on how we utilize our separate clothing budgets to keep our wardrobes feeling fresh and current. It’s a breakdown of what we’re choosing to invest in and why given differences in budget, preference and lifestyle.

Sydney’s Budget $250

$250 dollars seems like a crazy amount to spend on clothes. But I added up all the little purchases here and there and found I’m spending pretty close to that in a month. Yet, somehow I’m still not always happy peering into my closet.

In an effort, to make the most of my clothing budget I’m often surfing sales and landing myself in dressing rooms asking “this is cute and “me” enough for half off, right?” Too often the answer is yes and here I am with a closet full of pieces that are good enough but not great.

So, this is my documented effort to turn this ship around.

I spent $180 of my budget on these beautiful Intentionally Blank slip-on sandal mules. If being broke has taught me anything about styling it’s that the clean lines of a heeled shoe can elevate a look from frumpy and thrifted to elegantly mussed vintage. And these shoes embody the simplicity of the late 90s chic I’ve been craving. They top off at a perfect 2-inch heel. Tall enough to feel sexy, short enough to still carry your groceries home two miles and say “oh, in these shoes? It’s nothing.” like the modern day empowered b that you are.

The bright olive color felt like a slight risk for me, but I’ve worn them everyday since I opened the box — so they’re already down to $12 per wear and are holding up beautifully.

For the remainder of my budget I took a tip from (Five Summer Pieces To Wear Now And Into Fall) and bought these spanish clay workwear pants from Everlane. I love these pants for a statement color item that feels on trend and will transition well into fall with ankle length coats and sleek mid calf boots. This is my first pair of pants from Everlane and I’ve been excited to try them for sometime. The quality of the fabric and the price “make them a great choice for a trendier piece that I plan to wear often.

I’ll pair the two together with staples from my closet like tie front white button ups and fitted crop tops on hot summer nights out in the city. There is nothing I love like an outfit that says hopelessly practical and in equal measure absolutely irreverent.

Cheryl’s Budget $500

Since I have a larger monthly budget for clothing than Sydney (it’s amazing what happens when you’re no longer supporting your children), I still purchase with similar intentions. I believe in making each piece earn their place in your closet (as in multiple uses) – except maybe your bridal dress. The difference between my closet and Sydney’s is they’re both filled with great trendy basics, but mine has a wider reach. I obviously had a head start on this process

I’ve wanted a gold bag forever.  Especially one I could use with any summer outfit.  When I spotted this beautiful Loeffler Randal Mattie bamboo handle pouch I knew it had found its home.  The bamboo handle gives it the summer feel I was looking for and, surprisingly, it carries everything I need.  I can fit my wallet, makeup, sunnies, keys and mobile without it appearing stuffed. $250 of my budget went for this little gem.

A black blazer is a staple must.  I was in need and was looking for one that was trendier than the traditional blazer style.  I didn’t want to spend as much as I might have on a traditional style, since its shelf life was bound to be shorter.  After a search in a few of my usual places (Nordstrom, Revolve, Mango, Madewell & Zara) I decided on this Mango crop blazer, fully lined with an adorable pleat back.  The bonus – it was on sale for $59.99.

For my last purchase I decided on this Club Monaco Raeni multi sweater, $149.50.  The color alone pairs with so much already in my closet and the knotted neckline adds a polished feminine touch.  It pairs lovely with high waisted pants, shorts and skirts.  This is the perfect top to take to work layered under a blazer for a professional look.  Yet lose the blazer for dinner with your main squeeze or girls night out – for some chic elegance.

I ended up having $40 additional bucks, but choose not to spend it.  Just because we have it doesn’t mean we have to use it.  I had accomplished my goal and thought better to tuck it away for a rainy day.

All of these items will serve our closets well and we plan to definitely wear them out!

XO Cheryl & Sydney

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