In today’s market there are a plethora of items to choose from, which can often be overwhelming. For me this is particularly true with pillows. Finding the right one is important as it can either help or hinder a good night’s sleep.

For years I’ve been sleeping with 1 goose down pillow and 1 regular Tempur-Pedic (which took a lot of persistence to get where it was comfortable). I tried the Tempur-Pedic neck pillow in small, but didn’t care for it – I think one of my children has it now.

When sleeping I tend to sprawl and move frequently. In my youth I was a tummy sleeper and still wake up on occasion in that position, but the last decade I’ve been trying to learn to sleep on my back.

My Dermatologist is all about back sleeping (less wrinkles) and she scared me into trying – I even had a few nightmares about wrinkles (Ha-Ha). With that said, I have not yet fully mastered the art of back sleeping – but I’m getting better. As the imperfect humans that we are, when I’m having a really bad night, I may just plow face down into my pillow – anything for a bit of comfort and sleep.

When Sleep & Glow reached out I was more than happy to give their pillow a try. After all, a promise of fewer sleep wrinkles, marked and less morning puffiness — sign me up.

The first couple of nights didn’t go so well. I was aware, even in my sleep, that it was different than what I’ve been sleeping on for years. You might even say annoying, because moving from my back to my side seemed to discombobulate me – I hadn’t discovered the sweet spot to rest my head.

By the third night the pillow and I were becoming friendly, but she wasn’t my BFF just yet. In the morning I trotted immediately to the magnifying mirror and saw only my non-sleeping wrinkles. I was stoked.

Fondness for my new friend grew with each passing night. The Sleep & Glow pillow’s head-cradle, designed for sleeping on your back, is surprisingly comfortable – my favorite part of the pillow. Does using the pillow make me look younger? I’m not sure I’d go that far, but it helps me not look older. I do wake up with less sleepy wrinkles and puffiness.

Overall, I would advise you to check out Sleep & Glow’s website. It’s filled with design and technological information that they can explain better than me. Although, I care about such information, in the end, results are what count. I say treat yourself – you have nothing to lose, except maybe a few morning wrinkles.

XO Cheryl

In collaboration with Sleep & Glow — the review is my own.

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