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About Cheryl

I absolutely adore clothes. For some, or so they say, clothes are a matter of covering up and keeping warm. For me, it’s a matter of expressing “me” and I’ve loved them for as long as I can remember. Good style is ageless and no one is going to put this woman in a corner.

I’ve been conceptually working on this site for decades I just didn’t know it. There were dozens of book ideas and numerous articles and they were ALWAYS directed toward helping women. Topics ranged from career, motherhood, sisterhood, lessons learned, gender equality, the pitfalls of jealousy, and of course style – lots of style. My hope is to help women achieve their personal style – both inside and out.

My career path has been a bit unconventional as I did things pretty much back assward.   I established my career and then some thirty years later earned a BS in Economics.   One of my proudest accomplishments was creating, along aside a talented team, a comprehensive website, including an extensive editorial section. Forbes recognized us as having the best editorial content within our industry 4 years in a row.

Looking back, you can always see the path taken was really preparation for the present… I started my blog in May 2016 and it has become a full-time effort. Work has never been so fun and rewarding. My focus for 2017 will primarily be style, travel and lifestyle.

I live in Charleston, South Carolina with my husband and two loveable crazy dogs. Whenever possible, we enjoy spending time with our children.



I have a little crush on Albert Einstein.  Luckily, my husband is not bothered by this.

These are a few of my favorite books:

I love lipstick, especially red.

Red wine is my fav!

No, red is not my favorite color – I don’t have one.

I love steak, no vegetarian for this girl.

My favorite subject in school was math.

If a movie is sad, I cry.

I began ballroom dancing in my mid-fifties

(Mission Impossible Showcase 2014)

Thanks so much for following along and for your support!  I’d love for you to join me for style, tips & travel updates.

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XO Cheryl