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An Interview With German Malaver

At Escribe Germador we are happy to have the participation of awesome people, who even knowing that the blog is new, they take pains to open the doors of their homes so that the interview is carried out in an entertaining way and as says our motto “Letting the soul speaks“. In these talks we have learned from each of our friends, and we feel grateful for them, for each trip, for each word, for each experience told and for believing in us, as is the case of one the most important influencers in the United States specifically in Charleston (South Carolina), with you Cheryl Boyle.

 ~ G. M. Thanks so much Mrs. Boyle for accepting this interview and for opening the doors of your home. In Colombia you’re welcome and at Escribe Germador too.

~ C. B. Thanks Germán! You are very kind. I must admit that at the beginning I wasn’t very sure of accepting the interview, but then I was surprised with the page and I encouraged myself and here I am delighted.

~ G. M. I know, but the important thing is that you accepted and it is a blessing to have you on the blog. Thanks!

Let’s start this interview madame.

~ C. B. Of course! Thanks you for your patience and understanding.

~ G. M. It is an honour!

Tell me, Who is Cheryl Boyle?

~ C. B. This is difficult to answer as I think most of us have multiple facets to our personality. This could be a book. Although I have a love for fashion, my deepest love is for my husband and four children. My home is my favourite place to hang. My husband and I love to travel, but that happens much less than we’d like. We also have three fur babies and adore them.

I am shy, private, and enjoy small groups over large ones. I am a woman that loves to get older, but refuses to get old. I continually work on being a better me, which is a forever journey. I try to enjoy my life at any given moment, remembering I’m the best version of myself today and not comparing myself to the person I want to be tomorrow.

~ G. M. You’ve a great perspective on the personality, and it is not less when love is present and your eyes shine when talking about your boy and your beautiful family.

~ C. B. Thanks so much Germán!

~ G. M. It’s a pleasure madame!

And tell me, Why do you like fashion so much?

~ C. B. Why does anyone have passion for anything? I’m really not sure, but I’ve adored clothes since I was a small child. I would beg my mum to wear pretty dresses all the time. When visiting my grandmother, who was always a treat, I would go through her jewellery box and play dress-up, imagining I was a movie star, sometimes she would play with me.

As a teenager I was voted best dressed in the 8th grade, I loved to mix and match pieces creating different outfits from the same stable of items. Some things never change, back then clothes were not nearly as disposable as they seem today.

~ G. M. What an anecdote, I loved it! Thank you for telling your story, I’m honoured that you are “Letting the soul speaks” Mrs. Boyle.

~ C. B. Thanks to you Germán for contacting me.

~ G. M. It is a pleasure.

And say me, What does fashion mean to you?

~ C. B. Fashion dictates the newest trends and looks. Fashion chasers showcase the latest and greatest. I love fashion. Yet I’d describe myself as a mix between fashion and style, leaning a tad heavier toward style. Style is individualistic and personal. Good style is an art form that must be practiced, just like everything we seek to do well. We may learn by studying fashion, finding role models for inspiration (Instagram is a fabulous place for this) and experimenting, experimenting and experimenting.

~ G. M. What a great response Mrs. Boyle! You’re absolutely right, fashion learns by studying, I loved it!

~ C. B. It just came out of my heart and I wanted to tell you.

~ G. M. Thanks! And, Does your family support you in this dream called Mama B Says?

~ C. B. My husband and youngest two children are my biggest fans and supporters. They always have my back when I am having a bad day or difficult time. I’m so thankful. The most important thing is learning to be your own best supporter and believing in yourself no matter what.

~ G. M. How cute! I declare also your fan (Laughter). That’s the way it should be, to support our loved ones in the dreams they’ve in their hearts.

~ C. B. My husband says something similar, and thanks for being another admirer.

~ G. M. It is a pleasure, Mrs. Boyle!

You told me before that you have puppies, How do you unite your passion for animals and fashion?

~ C. B. I do not think this is as difficult to reconcile as in previous years. I cannot speak for all women, but “faux fur” has become in my “new fur”. Many cosmetic companies have stopped animal testing so there are numerous options available for those of us who don’t support those activities.

~ G. M. What an example! We must look for ways to be at the forefront of fashion, without hurting nature.

~ C. B. Exactly! There’s nothing more beautiful than being and letting be, everyone in this world are welcome.

~ G. M. I am fascinated with your answers that come from the heart.

~ C. B. Thanks!

~ G. M. It’s a honour madame!

And tell me, How do you decide to create a blog?

~ C. B. I’ve been conceptually working on this site for decades. There were dozens of book ideas and numerous articles and they were always directed toward helping women. Topics ranged from career, motherhood, sisterhood, lessons learned, gender equality, the pitfalls of jealousy and of course style.

I started the blog as writer in May 2016 covering all the topics mentioned above. I also started a weekly fashion column featuring other people’s style and occasionally throwing my own into the mix. They were well received. In early 2017 I decided to go full- time as a style blogger, I will occasionally get the itch to write and post it under “Life lessons“, those are my favourite articles, as I am always hoping to impart a personal experience that may help someone else.

~ G. M. What a great feat! Of reason your husband and your children are your followers, you’re bringing a bit of hope, solidarity, trust and love to the world, Congratulations!

~ C. B. Thank you! That’s the idea, to be able to change the world with our example.

~ G. M. Exactly! Listening your awesome responses, Have you taken the initiative to write a book?

~ C. B. I have many book ideas in the queue, and some even started. However they might never get published, we’ll have to wait and see.

~ G. M. It is a pity Mrs. Boyle, it would be incredible to be able to read you, you have great stories to tell, I would be one of the first ones acquiring your awesome books, please reconsider it (Laughter).

~ C. B. (Laughter) I will try Germán, thank you for your words so generous for me.

~ G. M. It’s a great honour, Mrs. Boyle, it is words that come from my heart.

And tell me, What do you think about the new concepts in fashion?

~ C. B. Thanks! You’re very kind.

Mmm… I believe in the adage, “To each his own” and just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is fashion.

~ G. M. I’m overwhelmed with your answers, they are so striking and coherent. I’ll never tire of thanking you for accepting this interview.

~ C. B. (Laughter).

~ G. M. How does social networks contribute to you in the artistic field?

~ C. B. Style bloggers could not exist without social networks.

~ G. M. You’re correct, but I think that not only bloggers, we are in a very technological era.

~ C. B. You are right!

~ G. M. (Laughter), and tell me, How do you see fashion in the United States?

~ C. B. I think fashion is always interesting, but what I love most is how the “fashion police” (Other people telling you what you should or shouldn’t wear) seem to be less influential in today’s world. I wrote an article, “Age appropriateDressing The New Dinosaur, which has been well received. The key message was that women should set their own rules based on their personal goals. I’m not a fan when bloggers make derogatory comments about women who follow their own personal code.

~ G. M. Awesome! I feel very fortunate to be able to speak with you Mrs. Boyle, you’re a great open book, and every word that comes from your lips are very conscious, the world needs more people like you, who leave traces on each step they take.

~ C. B. Thanks Germán! You make me blush.

~ G. M. (Laughter) pardon me, it’s not my intention.

Let’s change the subject, I will also blush. Define your style in your own words.

~ C. B. Eclectic

~ G. M. You missed saying feminine, sensual, elegant.

~ C. B. (Laughter).

~ G. M. Who has been your inspiration in fashion?

~ C. B. I have many years under my belt, so I am sure there have been many influencers, Audrey Hepburn is certainly a favourite.

~ G. M. What a great reference you have!

~ C. B. Thanks!

~ G. M. And tell me, On your website, What else can we find beside fashion?

~ C. B. One can find travel, health and fitness (new category), life lessons, beauty and generations (also a new category).

~ G. M. Surprising! I admit that when I started to follow you on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook I wanted to investigate more about your work, and I saw your website and I loved it, every time you do a post I read it and share it.

~ C. B. I know, you always let me know your support. Thanks so much!

~ G. M. It is an honour madame!

And to finish this interview, Mrs. Boyle, tell me a little about your virtual store.

~ C. B. There are only a few ways to purchase through me. One, we sell Mama B Says tees through our shop and the purchases is direct. Unfortunately, at this time we only ship within the United States. Two, is through the shop my Instagram, where I make small commission if you purchase a product through a link, there is no charge for you to use those links but if you do they help support the blog.

~ G. M. You’ve to teach me to be able to hold my blog (laughter).

Thank you Mrs. Boyle for this beautiful interview, I hope you liked it, it was a pleasure to have shared this time with you.

~ C. B. Thanks German for giving me the opportunity of this wonderful interview. I will add the blog to my favourite sites.

~ G. M. Thank you very much for your time and for adding us to your favourite sites. The doors of Escribe Germador will always be open for you.

~ C. B. Thanks Germán! Greetings to Colombia, congratulations for your blog and thanks to your readers.

For more information about this talented, enterprising and beautiful woman visit her website on:

By German Malaver